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Isaji, M., Lenartowska, M., Noguchi, T., Frank, D.J., and K. G. Miller Myosin VI Regulates Actin Structure Specialization through Conserved Cargo-Binding Domain Sites. (2011) PLoS ONE 6(8): e22755. *Abstract and Fulltext

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Frank, D. J., R. Hopmann, M. Lenartowska and K. G. Miller (2006). Capping Protein and the Arp2/3 Complex Regulate Nonbundle Actin Filament Assembly to Indirectly Control Actin Bundle Positioning during Drosophila melanogaster Bristle Development. Mol Biol Cell 17(9): 3930-9. *Abstract and Fulltext

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Kramer, M.G., Templeton, A.R., and Miller, K.G. (2002) Evolutionary Implications of Developmental Instability in Parthenogenetic Drosophila mercatorum. I. Comparison of Several strains with different genotypes. Evolution and Development. 4: 223-233. *Abstract and Fulltext

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Hopmann, R., Cooper, J., and Miller, K.G. (1996) Actin organization, Bristle morphology and viability are affected by actin capping protein mutations in Drosophila., J. Cell Biol. 133: 1293-1305. *Abstract and Fulltext

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